The CSL Chaplaincy Committee: Grounded in Spirit and intentionally bringing CSL into its Ministry of Presence


Our Vision:

We embody inclusivity and compassion as we serve persons experiencing spiritual distress or navigating turbulent waters.

We stand beside and companion those called to the Ministry of Presence, ever aware of the inherent Wholeness, Divinity and Connectedness of those serving in Chaplaincy and those precious beings that they serve.


Our Mission:

To consciously expand and raise awareness of the path of chaplaincy in Centers for Spiritual Living and to hold those who serve as CSL Chaplains, Spiritual Care Counselors and CPE Supervisors accountable and mindful of the sacred ministry in which they serve.



Committee Leaders



Rev. Bonny Allen Rice
Support Leader

Bonny has been a Religious Science minister since 1983.  Her first ministry was assistant to Rev. Dr. Homer Johnson at the June Cobb church in South Central Los Angeles.  In 1985 she founded the Genesis Center in Westwood.  While doing volunteer chaplaincy at UCLA Medical Center she was awarded a scholarship to train as a hospital chaplain and did a years Residency in Clinical Pastoral Education.  Bonny was at UCLA for two years.  She was ordained from the work at UCLA.  After UCLA Bonny became the Director of Pastoral Care at Long Beach Community Hospital.  In 1994 Bonny became Regional Youth Minister for District One. 

In 1998 Bonny moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico to become the senior minister at The Mastery in Life Center of Religious Science.  When she resigned 4 years later she worked for Mesilla Valley Hospice as a Chaplain  for 12 years. 

Bonny has taught at the Ernest Holmes Colleges in LA, Huntington Beach and Denver. She has been guest educator at Church of the Nazarene Seminary, MCC Seminary, University Lutheran Chapel, University of Oriental Studies, and The Zen Center of Los Angeles. She has spoken and done work shops in many of our churches and with many denominations.

Bonny has served on the first Clergy Council for APLA, Forest Lawn Clergy Council, Community Action Committee, Long Beach, Long Beach Ministerial Association as President for two years.

Bonny has served Religious Science as United Clergy of Religious Science Cabinet member, written for the Science of Mind Magazine and been on the International Board Ad Hoc Committee developing “Special Portfolio Ministries.” Bonny is now the Leader of the Support Sub-Committee of the Chaplaincy Committee at Home Office.

Rev. Dr. Bob Deen
Education Leader

Bio coming soon.



Rev. Paula Belleggie, Chair
Ecclesiastic Endorsement Leader

Paula is an ordained CSL minister whose passion is Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care. She is a board certified Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor. Paula served for several years as a hospice chaplain. She is a board certified CPE Supervisor and founded the only CSL Focus Ministry to offer accredited Clinical Pastoral Education, Spiritual Living Center for Education & Training (SLCET). She serves as the Chair of the CSL Chaplaincy Committee and is the Ecclesiastic Endorsing Agent for Centers for Spiritual Living.

Previously Paula has served on the Affiliation Review Committee of CSL and was Co-Director of the Pastoral Care Ministry of Pacific Church of Religious Science in San Diego under the leadership of Rev. Duchess Dale. She was also an Affiliate minister with CSL Denver with Sr. Minister Rev. Mary Jo Honiotes for 3 years.

Paula continues to be a guest speaker at CSL Centers and other New Thought Churches, as well as participating in panels on Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy.


The Committee

Dr_Maxine 2016.jpg

Rev. Dr. Maxine
Support Team

Raised in Religious Science, and having served 40 years as Minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, the Reverend Dr. Maxine Kaye was Spiritual Leader of the Los Altos/Palo Alto Center for over 13 years and her first congregation in Alamo/Pleasant Hill for 8 years. She has worked extensively in Chaplaincy, primarily as a Hospice Chaplain, but also in hospitals, prisons and police departments. In July 2015, Dr. Maxine was enthusiastically invited to become Spiritual Leader/Senior Minister of the Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living in Paoli, Pennsylvania and is having a wonderful time with this conscious, loving, and lively spiritual community.

Rev. Jeanne Phillips
Support Team

Reverend Jeanne Phillips currently works as a Hospice Chaplain/Spiritual Care Counselor at LightBridge Hospice in San Diego, providing spiritual and emotional support for patients with terminal illnesses and their families. She also serves as Staff Minister at Vision Center for Spiritual Living, leading the Compassionate Care Ministry as well as teaching, guest speaking and supporting the Communications Ministry.  She has worked in the Chaplaincy field for more than 10 years and completed 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education in 2009


Rev. Dr. Jaine Ryder
Consultation/Manager Licensing & Credentialing

Rev. Brian Shook
Support Team