You know you are called to serve. And somehow serving within a Centers for Spiritual Living doesn't fulfill your calling completely. You are drawn outside the doors, to the places where people are experiencing suffering, crisis and transitions. 

You are meant to be present with them. To walk beside them and companion them, while they find their way and meaning. This is the essence of spiritual care.


CSL has appointed a committee, the CSL Chaplaincy Committee, which is comprised of seasoned CSL chaplains, chaplain educators (CPE Supervisors), and CSL staff that is charged with the creation and maintenance of standards and criteria for chaplaincy in CSL. To become recognized as a CSL Chaplain you will need Ecclesiastic Endorsement. And beginning in 2017, those of you that are already board certified or wish to become board certified with a recognized certification body (Examples: APC, CPSP or CSCPF) will need CSL's Ecclesiastic Endorsement to receive and to maintain your board certification.

These are the basic requirements:

  • A licensed or ordained minister in CSL in good standing


  • A licensed CSL practitioner in good standing
  • Four or more units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
  • Apply and follow the process to gain Ecclesiastic Endorsement as a chaplain, spiritual care counselor (pastoral counselor)  

To view CSL's Requirement chart click here.

what is clinical pastoral education?

Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE is the industry standard for preparing chaplains to serve in clinical environments such as hospitals, hospice, prisons, police/fire, or spiritual care counseling (pastoral care). It consists of many hours in an internship placement to practice spiritual care, writing and presenting case studies or verbatims, reading, group peer process and individual supervision.

CPE is usually taught in units that are approximately 12 weeks in length, though they can also be done as extended units (longer) or even intensive units (shorter). No matter the length, each unit requires a minimum of 400 hours to successfully complete. To apply for Ecclesiastic Endorsement from CSL you need to take at least four units of CPE.

how do i take cpe?

CPE is taught in accredited centers that teach it. Some CPE centers are located inside clincial locations such as a hospital. Other programs are taught in a community based stand alone centers. Now CPE can even be offered online. It is important however that you take it from a recognized accredited CPE center. Some of the accreditors CSL will accept include ACPE, CPSP and CSCPF. Accredited CPE centers are usually accredited by one or more of these organizations.

does csl offer cpe?

Currently CSL does not offer CPE through Holmes Institute. CPE is taught by highly specialized educators known as CPE Supervisors. At this time CSL has only one affiliated Focus Ministry that offers accredited CPE, Spiritual Living Center for Education & Training (SLCET) which was founded by CSL Minister and certified CPE Supervisor, Rev. Paula Belleggie. This Focus Ministry is located at CSL's home office and offers CPE in person or online for distance learning. You may contact Rev. Paula for more information at 720-410-6932  or  email  Website: 

If you wish to take CPE with a non-CSL provider, you may as long as they are an accredited CPE center. You may find a list of accredited CPE centers at ACPE, CPSP or CSCPF. If you are unsure if a CPE program will be accepted by CSL, contact CSL Education Manager, Rev. Dr. Bob Deen via email or call: